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Quality First! High-Performance Digital Printing

If adhesif-auto.com has established itself in the market for adhesive media supply on the WEB since 2005, it's primarily due to the quality of its media. Durable and high-performing, our adhesives and films are premium conformable 3D products selected from the best suppliers and players in the industry, selected from the best suppliers and players in the industry.

All our products are guaranteed for 5 to 9 years based on usage.

Digital prints are high-performance RAPID-AIR vinyl that ensures easy bubble-free installation and long-lasting color retention.

Our media can be repositioned multiple times before the adhesive sets permanently.

We deliver our printed media with a glossy UV and scratch protection for maximum color retention over time. This protection increases the product's durability and shields it from scratches.

Our Cut Vinyl:

We select our cut vinyl from the best in the market, choosing high-performance cast vinyl that guarantees color retention over time. Our vinyl is rated for a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Some well-maintained, covered vehicles can maintain their colors for up to 12 years without fading or tearing.

We provide cut vinyl with application tape, only for text or small elements requiring assembly. Large surfaces are delivered without application tape.

Modern Rally and Classic / VHC Car Decoration:

As enthusiasts of motorsport, we have been working for several years on creating adhesive media for Rally and Rally VHC decoration. Using photos, we have recreated several vintage designs to the delight of our passionate customers. For designs not in the catalog, you can ask us for the impossible!

After a brief discussion with you, we gather all the necessary information to recreate vintage visuals. After submitting our drafts for your feedback, we manufacture custom decorations upon request. All the car decorations in our catalog are customizable, including logos, text, and colors.

A Graphic Studio at Your Service:

Adhesif-Auto.com is primarily a graphic studio with over 15 years of experience in corporate graphic design. We assist clients in both visual and technical file creation.

Our products are offered as standard and can all be customized to meet your communication and branding strategy needs.

Our expertise in communication allows us to offer a range of services, from printing paper media to developing brand identities, manufacturing signs, signs, and interior and automotive decoration stickers.


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