Set of stickers for the Renault 5 Laureate

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Set of stickers for the Renault 5 Lauréate, available in "L," "GTL," "TL," and "TURBO" versions.

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  • Lauréate "TL"
  • Lauréate "GTL"
  • Lauréate "L"
  • Turbo

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Vinyl or PVC materialFrosted Glitter Cast PVC Film Euroclass B-s1, d0
Installation supportBody, PVC, Glass, Metal, Plywood, Melamine, Non-porous Surface
Installation possible on:Interior and Exterior
Manufacturing delays5 to 8 working days

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Details of your decoration set r5 laureate

  • 2x2 Side adhesive stripes. (thickness = 5mm and 4mm, overall length: 3.24 meters per side; delivered in 3x2 pieces).
  • Multiple color options.
  • 2x "Lauréate" logos (For Hood and Rear of the R5: 182mmx60mm)
  • 2 text options: "TL" or "GTL" or "L" or "TURBO" (40mm in height).
  • 1 "TURBO" text for the rear hatch for the TURBO version.

A bit of history:

In 1984, as the development of the Renault Supercinq neared completion, Renault initiated a gradual transition by simplifying the Renault 5 lineup, now branding it as "Lauréate." This lineup consisted of four different versions, including a sporty variant, the Renault 5 Lauréate Turbo.

By March 1984, the Renault 5 was entering its final months, as its successor, the Supercinq, was about to enter the industrialization phase. The Renault 5 had played a significant role for Renault, achieving immense success with over 5.5 million units sold! In order to give a final boost to a model that had already been around for 12 years, Renault decided to streamline the range by introducing the "Lauréate" designation alongside the Renault 5 name. Only the L, TL, and GTL versions were retained, but with improved equipment.

The Renault 5 also made its mark in the history of sports cars. Its first version worthy of this classification was the R5 Alpine, introduced in 1976, shortly after the iconic Golf GTI. Sports cars were no longer just sedans, as exemplified by the R12 Gordini, but were now compact, lightweight vehicles. The R5 subsequently received a turbocharged engine, becoming the R5 Alpine Turbo, and even gave rise to the "supercar" R5 Turbo. Consequently, Renault paid homage to these sporty versions by adding a fourth option to the Lauréate lineup: the Lauréate Turbo.

In reality, the Renault 5 Lauréate Turbo is essentially a simplified version of the R5 Alpine Turbo. This car features a front bumper with a lower valance and fog lights, H4 halogen headlights, a "turbo" logo on the grille, and sport-style wheels. True to its "Lauréate" name, this version incorporates some exterior decorations, such as side striping and "Lauréate" stickers on the hood and tailgate. The color palette includes unique shades not typically found on R5 sport models, such as beige and brown.

As for the equipment, the car is well-appointed, including four-wheel disc brakes, a tachometer, oil and turbo pressure gauges, a three-spoke steering wheel, and "petal" seats. Renault omitted a radio but provided pre-wiring for a radio installation.

Under the hood, the Renault 5 Lauréate Turbo is powered by the 1,397 cm³ Cléon engine, equipped with a turbocharger, resulting in a total power output of 110 horsepower. These specifications positioned it favorably on paper against its contemporary rivals, including the famous GTI models. In terms of performance, the Lauréate Turbo matches the Alpine Turbo, reaching a top speed of 186 km/h.

Sold for 61,500 Francs (representing a 9% discount compared to the Alpine Turbo), the Renault 5 Lauréate Turbo was produced only from March to December 1984, before being succeeded by the Super5 GT Turbo a few months later. While the exact number of units produced is not known, the R5 Lauréate Turbo is undoubtedly a rare version due to its limited production of only nine months.



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Set of stickers for the Renault 5 Laureate

Set of stickers for the Renault 5 Laureate

Set of stickers for the Renault 5 Lauréate, available in "L," "GTL," "TL," and "TURBO" versions.

Delivery via Colissimo with signature upon delivery - FREE

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