**Terms and Conditions of Sale:**


These terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between RGmedias-www.adhesif-auto.com, the publishing company of www.adhesif-auto.com, and its customer, both parties accepting them without reservation. These terms and conditions of sale shall prevail over any other sales terms in any other document, except for prior, express, and written deviations. Our general terms of sale are subject to French law. The purchase of an item from a third country does not engage the responsibility of www.adhesif-auto.com in the event of potential non-compliance with the legislation of that country.


The products sold on www.adhesif-auto.com are adhesive markings created by the graphic studio of adhesif-auto.com or based on the customer's instructions, using the customization options provided by the website. The technical characteristics and prices are valid except for typographical errors.

**Content of Markings:**

www.adhesif-auto.com disclaims any responsibility regarding the use of the delivered markings. www.adhesif-auto.com reserves the right to reject any order that appears to be contrary to the texts and laws in force in France concerning the protection of the image of natural and legal persons. Similarly, any message or document of a pornographic nature, promoting drugs, or of a revisionist nature or manifestly contrary to the laws and regulations in force in France will be refused by www.adhesif-auto.com.

The logos present on our store are protected by copyright. The use of a logo assumes that its owner authorizes you to use it. The use of these logos without permission is entirely your responsibility. If you are the owner of a logo present on our pages and wish for it not to appear anymore, please send us an email at the following address: contact@adhesif-auto.com to remove it from our pages.

When, for reasons related to the content, www.adhesif-auto.com has refused an order, it undertakes to notify the concerned customer by email. www.adhesif-auto.com disclaims any responsibility for documents entrusted to it in case of loss, theft, or damage for any reason. The buyer, by simply ordering, agrees to never send originals and to only send copies. www.adhesif-auto.com will make every effort to return any document provided by the customer to the billing address.

**Color Accuracy:**

Prints produced from files provided by the customer undergo no intentional color correction by www.adhesif-auto.com. Color tones may vary depending on the printing process. There can be significant variations in color between what the customer sees on their computer screen or their personal printer's output and the print using our processes. Chromatic accuracy (e.g., PANTONE© reference) is entirely excluded. If the customer has doubts about the color result they might achieve when producing a series of prints from their own file, it is their responsibility to place a test/sample order for a single copy, for example, billed at €12, including shipping.

**File Resolution and Image Formats:**

The user acknowledges being informed that the print produced from the file provided by the customer requires a minimum resolution (number of pixels) based on the requested print size. Information about the file resolution is provided when ordering. In the event that the file does not have the necessary resolution for optimal printing in the chosen format, no claim will be accepted in case of poor print quality (lack of sharpness, significant pixelation, etc.) If the resolution is not compatible with the ordered format. A proof by email will be sent to the customer by www.adhesif-auto.com, and if the customer confirms its production, no complaints regarding the sharpness of the print will be accepted, in accordance with the previously mentioned proof.


The prices indicated on www.adhesif-auto.com for each of the products sold by www.adhesif-auto.com are net, including all taxes, and delivery charges are indicated separately. www.adhesif-auto.com may change its rates at any time. Delivery charges are calculated based on the service according to the order amount, payment method, and destination.


There are no customs duties for products delivered in France or the European Community. For other countries, customs taxes may potentially be levied. It is the customer's responsibility to contact their country's customs services to make a customs declaration if necessary. www.adhesif-auto.com cannot be held responsible for any additional costs related to these customs taxes.


www.adhesif-auto.com undertakes to make every effort to deliver orders placed on the website within the indicated timeframe as soon as the order has been validated by the customer. Delivery will be made to the address provided by the customer, and the customer agrees to accept the ordered product at that address. In case of an error in the contact information, the seller cannot be held responsible for the inability to deliver the product.

The products will be sent to the customer by the mode chosen by the customer. If transport costs exist, they are the responsibility of the customer, and the amount is indicated on the order summary. Upon delivery of the order, the customer should carefully check the condition of the package and make any reservations with the carrier in case of missing or damaged items. Any claim for non-compliance or missing items in the delivery must be submitted within three days, excluding holidays, following the receipt of the order. For this purpose, the customer should contact www.adhesif-auto.com by email (contact@adhesif-auto.com.com) or by mail, clearly specifying the reason for the return and the invoice number. Delivery delays attributable to the transport company shall not entitle a refund of shipping costs.

**Right of Withdrawal:**

Although the customer receives goods, these are entirely personalized to their request. As such, the commercial exchange represents a service. This service is performed within two to four consecutive days of ordering. For a distance service contract whose execution has begun before the end of seven days with the consumer's agreement, the right of withdrawal is excluded. However, if the right of return does not apply to personalized products, it will apply if, exceptionally, the error was attributable to www.adhesif-auto.com. The right of withdrawal applies, however, to non-personalized goods. In this case, the customer has a period of seven clear days to exercise this right, without having to justify reasons or pay penalties, except for return costs. The return of the goods must be done by registered mail to provide irrefutable proof of the return.


When a customer has placed and paid for an order online via Paybox, Skrill, or Paypal, it is considered firm and cannot be canceled. Exceptionally, if www.adhesif-auto.com has not yet started producing the goods, the order can be canceled. www.adhesif-auto.com will then proceed with the refund, while retaining a lump sum of 5 euros for processing fees and coverage of the commissions received by the providers involved in the transaction (Paybox, Paypal, Skrill).


www.adhesif-auto.com retains ownership of the products ordered until the effective and full payment of the price. If, for any reason, the product has been delivered to the customer, and they have not made the payment, www.adhesif-auto.com can take back the product. Nevertheless, the customer becomes responsible for the products upon delivery.


www.adhesif-auto.com cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind, whether material, immaterial

, or physical, resulting from the malfunction or improper use of the products sold. www.adhesif-auto.com's liability, in any case, is limited to the order amount and cannot be held accountable for simple errors or omissions that may have persisted despite all precautions taken in presenting the products.

**Customer Identification:**

The provision of personal information collected for the purpose of distance selling is mandatory, as this information is essential for order processing and dispatch, and invoice issuance. Failure to provide information will result in the non-validation of the order. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the processing of personal information about www.adhesif-auto.com customers has been declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL). The customer has the right of access and rectification, which they can exercise with www.adhesif-auto.com by mail to the following address: www.adhesif-auto.com, 13 Place Henri Barbusse 30100 Alès France; by email at contact@adhesif-auto.com.com.

**Force Majeure:**

RGmédias cannot be held responsible for the obligation of delivery in case of events beyond its control. Events considered as force majeure include floods and fires, natural disasters, accidents, total or partial strikes, war, riots, government decisions.


This contract is subject to French law. Any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation, or execution of this contract will be submitted to the competent bodies. www.adhesif-auto.com reserves the right to take any other competent jurisdiction.

**Registered Office:**

13 Place Henri Barbusse, 30100 Alès, France
Phone / Fax: +33 (0)4 48 15 03 06
SIRET: 447931627
Email: contact@adhesif-auto.com